syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics: Comprehensive Curriculum for Academic Excellence

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What is the syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics?

The syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics is designed in such a way that students get a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts in physics.

  It is arranged to cover a wide variety of topics which starts from basic principles of mechanics and thermodynamics and goes upto the most complex topics like electromagnetism and quantum mechanics. 

              This article explains the syllabus with major chapters, important concepts and their weightage. 

syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics

Mechanics And Thermodynamics 

The first part of the syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics is mechanics which deals with motion, forces, energy etc. Students are expected to know kinematics, dynamics, and also about work-energy including laws of motion as well as machines doing work. 

Thermodynamics follows, teaching heat transfer processes, temperature variation phenomenon and gas laws. This two units constitute much weightage as they have 20 marks for first unit and 15 marks for second unit. 


Then comes the unit on electromagnetic theory which involves charges, electric field intensity and magnetic field intensity.It is assumed that the students will get the ideas about Coulomb’s law, electric potential and behavior of electric currents. 

The course also discusses the electromagnetic induction which involves the Faraday’s law and Lenz’s law. The weight given to electromagnetism is 20 marks. 

Quantum Mechanics 

The syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics does not leave out the quantum mechanics which comprises studying how particles behave at atomic as well as subatomic level. 

      Students must get to know what wave-particle duality, uncertainty principle and Schrödinger equation are about. This topic is very important because it explains how particles behave at atomic as well as subatomic level and its weightage is 15 marks. 

Optics and Modern Physics 

Also, optical issues are part of what you will learn in this course together with modern physics topics. In optics you will study light covering such aspects as light waves behavior, principles of refraction and reflection, lenses/mirrors concept, etc.

Modern physics on its side tries to explain behaviors of particles at high energies along with relativity concepts then behaviors of particles during high-energy collisions.The prominence given to these topics is 10 marks each. 

Practical Skills 

Besides the theoretical part of the syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics, students are also entrusted with developing practical skills in physics. 

       Practical skills mentioned here includes use of laboratory equipment, data collection and analysis and result presentation. The prominence given to practical skills is 20 marks. 

Assessment and Evaluation Curriculum assessment and evaluation are done through a joint exam that comprises of both theoretical and practical questions. 

The theoretical exam seeks to test if the students have understood the concepts or principles found in the syllabus while the practical exam checks if they are able to apply those concepts in real life situations.

Why syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics is important?

The syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics plays a vital role for those students who are planning to take up science or stream of engineering. About the syllabus of the subject and raise the question Why syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics is important?

There are a vast number of topics discussed in the subject that are crucial to familiarize with the basics of physics. First, it helps to keep students informed with the subject’s background knowledge that they need for further learning and learning. 

About the nature of the syllabus: 

The syllabus is developed to encourage thinking skills of a student and the abilities to solve problems. One of the benefits of group projects and discussions is that it allows students to solve problems using the knowledge they have gained and make critical analyses of the concepts being taught. 

This is perhaps most crucial in many aspects of physics where even to tackle a problem often involves fully understanding the more profound concepts that go into their solutions and the ability to apply these concepts to other scenarios that have not been encountered before. 

It also helps students to get better prepared in joint entrance examination known as JEE, National eligibility cum entrance test known as NEET etc. These exams are extremely rigorous to sit for and a good degree of mastery of the content matter that is expected of the student by the university is expected. 

There is no denying that students aiming for these exams and admission to the prestigious engineering and medical colleges stand higher chances if they prepare well of the syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics. 

Besides, it has been geared towards the syllabus that counts as current and exiting. This course keeps a student updated with the new trends in the physical science sector and exposes a learner to modern research and advancements in technology. 

This is especially so given that the subject matter is in the scientific field of physics which is dynamic in the sense that lots of developments are being made constantly. To conclude, the syllabus of Class 12 CBSE 2023-24 Physics has been suggested essential for students who aspire to make their career in science and engineering fields. 

It has a well-developed syllabus in the speciality, honest student’s logic and problem-solving capabilities and prepares them for entrance examinations. 

Why you should have cbse syllabus?

The CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education has received a commendation for the richness as well as the orderliness of the syllabi it provides. 

A good curriculum in the implementation of knowledge and skills is one that provides for the teaching of various academic disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and humanities. 

CBSE has standard and for standard syllabus for all its affiliated schools which enables students to build a good foundation for the subjects of their choices and at the same time develop their thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills. 

Furthermore, the structure of education in CBSE curriculum is also very fluid and dynamic and is frequently modified to incorporate latest advancements in each area of learning so that students are able to get the best education and information that is available in the present era. 

Through going for the CBSE syllabus, students can be assured of obtaining the best quality education in their courses thus facilitating their future educational and career goals.

Syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023 24 physics science

syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 physics academic session is as follows: The syllabus of Class XII – Physics is the guideline that helps a student to understand the topics of Physics. 

It is basically aimed at enlightening the students on the core concepts and principles regarding the subject area ofphysics. 

The comprehensive syllabus is inclusive topics such as mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, optics, as well as modern physics. 

These are several subtopics and each of them has its specific concepts and principles that students must learn throughout the topic. 

This plan also contains elements of practical work with students, the main goal of which is the establishment of practical skills in a particular subject. 

The marking scheme in the context of the syllabi assessment and evaluation entails theoretical exams, which receives 80 marks, and practical exams, which receives 20 marks. 

Students and especially freshmen should ensure they have total understanding of the syllabus and prepare adequately hence they should also get great results and better understanding of the course.

Physics chapter wise weightage for board 2024

CBSE Finally, the CBSE has come up with the weightage of every chapter for Physics for the Class 12 Board Exams 2024. 

This is very useful information for a student when it comes to planning his or her working hours and focusing on sections that might contain a lot of questions. 

Some of the topics included are Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic effects of current and magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and AC, Electromagnetic Waves, Optics, the Dual nature of radiation and matter etc. Of the many concepts in the syllabus, Current Electricity and Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism can contribute to a maximum of 14 marks. 

Coming in third place, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents occupy a total of 12 marks while Optics occupies another 12 marks. 

Looking at the marks distribution among all the topics it is clear that the topics of Electrostatics and Electromagnetic Waves have maximum marks i. e. 10 marks each while the minimum marks for any topic to attempt are 6 marks only for the topic of Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter. 

If a student knows that each chapter has such a weight, then he will be better geared for the Board Exams 2024 because more time will be spent on chapters that attract more mark

Important topics of Physics Class 12 UP Board 2024

For students studying in UP Board and preparing for Physics Class 12, important chapters to be covered are mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, and modern physics. Mechanics in general includes motion, forces, and energy. 

In this context, the principles of electromagnetism involve electric charges, magnetic fields and electromagnets, and electromagnetic inductions. 

Optics is the branch of physics that deals with light and how it behaves when it passes through different media, the angles at which light bends when it passes from one medium to another and how objects produce the images we see reflected off them. 

Modern physics investigates the elements of the particle having high energy and refers to the theory of relativity. 

These are important areas of study that can enable a candidate to excel in the Class 12 UP Board Physics examination. The following areas marked below should interest the students so that they excel in their examination fever and learning;

Important chapters in Physics Class 12 State Board

It is one of those “heavy†subjects that students encounter in High School, and so without knowledge of these chapters, they are bound to struggle. In many cases, Board syllabi are a list of topics or chapters in given subjects and, while all chapters may be covered, the chapters are not of equal importance. In this piece, we shall note the likely chapters in Physics Class 12 State Board syllabus that learners should study to get better results.

Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Mechanics and thermodynamics are areas of study in Physics that closely relate to equally powerful chapters in Physics. Pembantu should ensure that the students grasp fundamental concepts of motion, forces, energy, and work. It is critical to dissect the subject matter and focus on the most important chapters that include kinematics, dynamics, and energy chapters as they form stable foundations for future notions.


Another important segment of Physics Class 12 is included in the chapter, Electromagnetism. Students need to be able to learn about electricity: charges and electric and magnetic field. Concerning the chapters, it is possibly to outline that Coulomb’s law and the electric potential and electromagnetic induction are significant for further studying in Physics.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is a fundamental branch of physics that is quite technical and can be comprehensively described as being highly theoretical and mathematical in nature to explain how subatomic particles behave and interact with each other. Any learner should fine-tune his/her understanding of wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, and the Schrödinger equation.

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Optics and Modern Physics

Other key topics include Optics and Modern Physics which are taught in Physics for the class twelfth. Here is what students should know: the concept of light and any wave-like movements, how light behaves, the principles of refraction and reflection, concept of lenses and mirrors. Among all these chapters, it is crucial to pay attention to the discussions of relativity and high-energy collisions, for the reasons of enhancing clear conceptions of particle behaviors at high energies.

Practical Skills

Moreover, as it has been stated before, emphasize on practical aspect is also crucial, specifically, in regard to Physics. These are practical skills such as the skills of using laboratory equipment, skills in collecting data, and skills in presenting the data collected.

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