How to prepare for class 10 or the board exam?

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How to prepare for class 10 or the board exam

How to prepare for class 10th or the board exam is one of the must-ask questions after you pass class 9th. When I was in the 9th class I was thinking about how I am going to prepare for class 10 what will be the static method for me what will be my time schedule to prepare for all subjects how I am going to give time to a preferred subject what will be my scenario and how is my schedule going to benefit me? Which subject do I have to free for first and which subject I am going to take extra classes which subject I do not have to take any extra classes what is the strong point for me and how can I prepare extra things in a short period of time. For any student, the basic questions would be what is your goal and how you are going close to your goal and then you have to start preparing your subject according to this. But the preferred question still remains how can you prepare for class 10th for the board exam.

Start to prepare for class 10th for the board exam

The first thing you have to do the prepare for class 10 or the board exam is you have to know the subjects subject you are taking what subjects are preferred for your marking and which subject is optional.

The second thing starts from here, if you are going from scratch before you prepare for class 10, you have to start with the syllabus of class 10th. Take the syllabus of every subject. Make notes about the subject and how many chapters you need to complete before the examination. After making the notes of the syllabus you will know which subject is going to take extra time which subject is completely new for you and how you are going to build the conceptual data from that subject. It also gives you some kind of Idea which subject you need to take extra classes and which subject you are going to complete first.

The third thing comes when you decide what is your endgame and which goal you are going to follow if you are choosing science then you have to focus first on math in science. If you are going to prepare for neet or be a doctor then you have to focus on the science and biology more than another subject. If your focus is finding a government job you should be more focused on arts subjects. Focus or catalyse your schedule recording to your preferred goal then we will know what time you need to complete the remaining subjects and how you are going to prepare for any of this.

Four things come when you decide which board you are giving the exam and how this board set questions for you. Knowing about the question sets try to analyse the previous 3 to 5 years’ questions. If we give your 10th examinations from a state board, you have to analyse at least 3 to 4 years previous year’s papers. This previous year’s papers give you an idea of the complete idea of the examination of how is going to be taken out. Prepare for class 10 and focus your concentration recording on the paper set by the state board. In the case of CBSE, the student gets more benefit by giving their board exams with the CBSE board because every year CBSE release the module sample paper for all classes. This sample paper makes it easy for the student. Do they know how the exams going to be handled what type of questions they are going to ask what type of marking in the paper can be applied,? It gives extra benefit to the CBSE student they do not have to worry about the model paper and how the examination going to happen. 

What will be the key role for the class 10th exam or the state house or the board exam?

Your book release by your state board of the CBSE is going to be a key role in your board exam. Anything that is not in your book is not going to be asked in the examination. So I start preparing for your books. You have to read the book throughout. You have to do all the questions is there either is given in the examination or in the textbook question answers. There are many things you have to focus on for better prepare for class 10:

School lecture:

If your school is well known and there are good quality teachers teacher, start taking classes from your school. Every school has highly qualified teachers who have experience of at least more than 5 years. They know everything about the syllabus of your board exam. They have taught more than 325 batches before you. They know how the question is going to be asked and how the marking is going to be given and there also so important for your internal and practical marking. Be humble and take their suggestions in a start journey to prepare for class 10.

Coaching centre:

You are not going to learn everything in the classroom. Because not from you from the early age there are perceptions were not going to pass the examination until you going to the coaching centre. It is also good for you they give you an extra bundle of knowledge for your examination. You will find more competitive students around you. You will also know what is going around outside your class. But before you choose any coaching centre, whether it is offline or online you have to be very precise about your selection of coaching centre to prepare for class 10.


Other either you take coaching classes, a study in a school study with friends or study anywhere else you have to take some time for the self-study. Self-study is the only thing that let you know how much precise your preparation is going on when you started prepare for class 10 exams or the board exam. Self-study let you think about how much syllabus you covering in a day and with this speed how much time you are going to complete your syllabus. Without self-study, your preparation will be empty.


Class test coaching test online tests are going to be the only thing that going to map your preparation for the board exam or the prepare for class 10 exam. You have to take the test from your syllabus for every chapter of every subject when you are going to complete it. There are many online institutes for the website that going to provide the chapter wise test for your preparation. You can also start your test from this Raisir website in the going out test section. 

Practical and internal marking:

Practical internal marking is also going to be the main key for your examination. Take your practical and internal marking seriously and put some effort into your practicals. Do you every practical and try to obtain maximum marks that is possible for you.

Playing extra activities:

Being a healthy student you need a healthy environment around you. Maintain cleaning around you. Do some exercise every day to maintain your health. It is proper food with a precise diet. Control over eating while studying.


As much as your study as much as you need to revise all of them. To memories every concept that you are studying in the classroom or in the coaching centre or by self-study you need to revise them regularly. Without revision, your prepare for class 10 or the board exam will not much precise or focused.


Everything is required for your prepare for class 10 or the board exam you have heard from anyone else is entirely true. You have to be precise focused, hard and smart working. You have to make notes for the revision. You have to take the test for analysing your preparation. You have to maintain a healthy environment around you to be focused. Do exercises to stay healthy. And focus on what you love to do. Don’t worry about examination too much, it is the foundation for your goal. Make your foundation hold goal-oriented a strength.

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